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Underground House – DIY | How to build a house under the ground

Hey Guys howdy pals? Its me the interesting and Im Ficus you’ve got asked us to make a condo below the bottom And at present good do it And for those who, yes, You havent subscribed to our channel but make certain to do it proper now So lets get began Guys, we ought to dig a gigantic pit. That you can appreciate And for this we’d like a shovel, correct? Let’s take 2 of them Now both of us have a separate shovel stop it, folks are looking at us So guys, now we are disposing of the top layer of the soil with grass when our residence might be capable, well lay a roof on the top in an effort to hide it in order that itll be not obvious Snowman for the negative It digs rather good however still its difficult.We’ve got already been digging round for three hours Guys, we’re so worn out of digging that we realized that that is quite intricate so we decided to call an Excavator Guys, that is the quickest transport on this planet Sergey, are you able to assume this land is thousand years historical quite? Probably we are going to find some caveman there i want your clothes ill be back We suggestion that we are able to dig up one of these pit by ourselves however we couldnt Whoa, robust Its cool, isnt it? Guys, quite cool Guys, today good not have time to do some thing, so the next day well constructing our condominium yes, and itll be attractive Itll be really outstanding, guys look how high it’s, precisely an outstretched arm relatively It appears to me, we overdid it Guys, our venue cant be transformed and we’re again within the ironmongery store In my favourite "Leroy Merlin" rattling! Its very elaborate to select the boards.All of them are with knots, in order that they must be chosen properly Guys, with out my help they cant do whatever, really For our house we took a cypress. It smells very cool. But you realize its a street plant so later well position itoutside Guys, we have now absolutely packed up the vehicle with the items from which we will be able to make our condo Its fairly full. Appear at the prime These are OSB sheets from which good make the framework in these days really weve acquired various things and in particular there are extra passengers at present so we dont have enough house in the auto Alight, Hurry up! Lets transfer, we ought to construct the apartment How must we call our tree? Arthur? Is it suitable title? We watched a film about King Arthur sure, exactly Guys, I feel you all be aware of concerning the movie King Arthur, we fairly enjoyed observing it.O.K. Guys, now we have arrived to the percent with all the substances From which we can assemble our condo And everything is so calculated, so now we will have to begin the construction And what do you consider we will have to do first? Good to start with we must make a ladder Then begin making it And now i am leveling the partitions, so that these boards match good inside Weve already completed with the floor Guys, Its started raining. We have to do it turbo it is already so comfortable feeling inside here we go Our field is able. Only factor left is to position the roof and make some decor in the residence in order that we suppose inside cozy and cozy Arent you scared? No i will be able to already assume the photograph. Right here we’ve got the cabinets, tables and chairs. All of it closes and it has a small gap leading outwards this is for the contemporary air to enter inside the apartment due to the fact that well close it wholly. And in case of rain or anything, there might be ventilation we have already begun to paint the partitions of our residence seem, What occurred to this! You had one of these high-quality shoes yes, it was first-class well its an acrylic paint, everything will likely be adequate Aha, must easy them Guys, now its time to duvet this field with soil in order that our apartment will probably be unnoticeable for others Wow! Cool I heard anything sputtering.I notion that you are going to cover me inside of Come and have a seem within, Ive practically painted it and it looks cool Wow, its so top notch and secure inside of Wow, we bought here Christmas tree Christmas tree- Arthur, guys! Woah! Excellent! However who is it? This is drawn by means of Ira. Its you and Ficus Its fairly first-rate I relatively adore it, guys simply the halo from above, it can be certainly now not about him Its exactly about me We bought such huge solar lighting fixtures lamps, which can be charged from the solar and lights at night time it can be simply best, for the reason that here we have obtained such holders you take it from the street, put it right here and youll have a mild at dwelling.So now we let it cost to use it later Guys, well fairly have an exhaust fan. We purchased this kind of fan which well repair it over here here it’s And now we fix it right here. So guys we have the sort of fan within. It’ll be pump in recent air when the door is closed Cool recent air from the avenue this is safeguard against mad drunkards and drug addicts Wow, it worked right away sure So vivid! Dont even have got to close anything simply since its already dark here i am terribly tired at present however i am very completely satisfied that we made this house. I’ve super feelings. I simply cant exhibit them, on account that i am very tired We did the whole thing on this condominium to make it comfy for dwelling.You seem at this wall. Its particularly kick-ass Roughly talking, this is not a wall, its like a studio that you would be able to deliver here folks for pictures and make some cash. Itll be cool, correct? Everything is elegant. By the way, its Dima who used to be virtually designed the inner So without his help, it wouldnt had been so attractive inside No, It was really a good team work good enough, we were an best team today you must spend the night time right here, remember? Yes, through culture Did you hear it guys? Its the exhaust fan working. Particularly it may be felt are you able to imagine? Here that you would be able to even walk. In the evening, anyone can go around it and nothing will fall aside He wont even discover it. Sure, thats genuine yes well, its critical to moisten a bit bit with water in order that the grass would be good sprouted.After which it is going to be entirely unnoticeable as the whole thing will grow together with the ground and itll be all right Guys, agree with us that we got a groovy underground condominium. Yeah? I concept that our condominium would be three times smaller we are delighted and hope you’re too. So please provide it a like sure guys, please help this video and go away your comments down beneath Write us guys, what type of condominium should we make subsequent? We relatively like this class. 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Inside The Luxury $200,000 Treehouse

I’ve continually desired to build the treehouse from a young age sooner or later finished it [Music] this is the woodsman’s treehouse it is approached via a rope bridge and a decompression chamber instead like a submarine for some it’s a childhood dream but for man Mallinson constructing a luxury treehouse entire with a couple of playful elements slide to aid us oh it’s too sticky today why is it so sticky is now a reality [Music] one of the benefits of being in a woodland like that is that it can be honestly teeming with flora and fauna and it can be actually a joy to sit down down on the deck and watch squirrels go up and down and buzzards and deer stroll beneath now available to hire the treehouse is best for these watching to let all of it hand around in the secluded treetop getaway yeah they are showering outside and not using a garments on undoubtedly they’re available in the market within the hot tub and their clothes on so I suppose it can be it can be quality that they are able to consider cozy being naked in the woods in the outside but no person’s going to look them seeing that we’re within the middle of nowhere the some distance finish of the deck we have got a hammock and the tree cost which is our old method from home which we welded up so on what we name the spar deck we have now the sizzling bath a chilling outer field and a sauna for to do just what I inform humans to not do depart it on after which there may be this living wall around right here give you some privacy to your own little world up in the tree it’s taken us five months to surely construct the treehouse and however we had a staff of twenty makers on the end i’m including my four sincerely got three youngsters so this round room has the bedroom the toilet and the kitchen as good as a dining field in the bed room there may be a step up and a roof mild there may be a copper bathtub with a picture window of the tree and it is allowed to maneuver and the water to head up and down it animals to go up and down it it is left absolutely by myself there’s a window within the flooring which looks down at the movement beneath obtained these little pull holes so you get contemporary air blowing over the tub where you’re lying in there and then there is a small kitchen once more only for two men and women so with an oven in the fridge an additional two persons to cook as a rule some thing they need [Music] the whole price range for the tree condominium used to be 150 thousand correct at this moment in time i am no longer really enthusiastic about watery residences I’ve simply completed this one however I need to say it is long gone really well bookings are going tremendously good i would be very amazed if i don’t build yet another one at some point [Music]