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Primitive Technology: Build a Stone House – Full Video

I construct this stone apartment utilizing handiest primitive tools and substances..

Primitive Technology: Forge Blower

Kindling with eucalyptus piece reduce in 2 portions of eucalyptus bark split wood with a stone Mount rotor on blades mix each together cheer on with building Get clay from the clay pit Make fan housing from clay equal radius for inlet and outlet The housing is dried by way of the fire dried housing wooden base The air is now sucked by way of the higher opening and blown through the exit into the fire rejuvenation this will likely direct the air straight into the fire Put posts Drill hole in submit knot everything Braiding ropes made out of bark fibers Rope around the spindle This makes the whole lot much less difficult build a clay kiln The orange slime is iron oxide it is more commonly found in streams, swamps or springs beaten charcoal and ash are combined with the iron oxide. As a result, the melting temperature is decreased and the iron oxide may also be diminished to iron. The whole thing is formed right into a lump Charcoal from the earlier video The molten material is eliminated from the oven the bulk is slag but a number of pieces of steel are additionally incorporated. The constructing disassembled built collectively .