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Log Cabin Cost – Build a Debt Free Off Grid Tiny House | Home Tour

(nation song) – hello every person, welcome back to the cabin. I’m ultimately answer a questionthat various you’ve got had from the opening, and that’swhat does this location rate? What did it fee me to construct and i suppose what did it rate me to utterly established this culture? So i will try to answerboth of these questions. There is a variety of variables. A variety of matters that may be modified by means of anyone else doing this and that probably i might’ve finished differently or would do otherwise. Or if I was to rebuild, would I add more things? Would i’ve spent more money or would i change the substances and stuff? So i am gonna reply all these questions as concisely as i can.Going at this was once alittle bit in a different way, what I did was once I walked across the cabin and looked at each singlething that I did right here, every object, after which itemizedthat in this lengthy list. Put the quantities besideit given that like I mentioned, if I simply bought say 50two with the aid of sixes after which used them for random projectsaround right here, which I’ve done, that was once not as accurate as definitely walkingaround the cabin the previous day counting all of the thingsthat I actually used. So this record is precisely that. I walked round, I itemized the whole thing, I put down the unit cost, multiplied of direction thequantity that I truely utilized by the unit fee, got here up with a complete of what I spent or in some circumstances what i might’ve spent if Ihad have bought that timber and in addition i am gonna show youwhat I could’ve eradicated or what I did get rid of in some cases considering the fact that I got it without spending a dime.However that you simply might do away with too in the event you might find it from somewhere else. So i guess let’s startwith the bottom line. What would it cost for someone to precisely replica whatI’ve performed on the cabin up to this date. So no longer together with any further stuff i’ll add after this. So the whole determine is $5,637. So I believe it might be fairto round that up slightly bit in case there’s whatever I did leave out. And in addition possibly taxes and stuff like that, so 5,637, so circular that as much as say $6,000. So an individual spent $6,000 to recreate this pretty easy in our field to make $6,000. There’s plenty of jobs to be had. There may be a shortage of skilledtradesmen and employees within the area, in most of Ontario. So the usual startingwage, like entry stage job, is around $15, I consider theminimum wage is thirteen or whatever for even a scholar, like common entry stage retail job. So you should easily be ableto make $20 an hour right here if you’re resourcefulor you could have some abilities or if you are a difficult employee.So the typical work 12 months is 2,000 hours, so should you were in a position to make $40,000 simply think you had ahouse that used to be $6,000. Now of path, that’snot together with the land. Land is so variable, it’shard to component that in. I will be able to inform you what I paid for this after which i will be able to tell youwhat else was in the marketplace when we bought this.So that is 20 acres inan unorganized township which makes it possible for me to try this considering the fact that you can not getbuilding permits on this area and thus there is no inspectors, there’s nowhere you could apply for a allow other than sewage and roadbut I don’t need those matters so I failed to need any enables. So for me, I was ableto opt for up this land, my spouse actually located it, 20 acres in an unorganized township backing onto actually, look at a map, it’s like 100 miles to thenext progress west of here. There may be some development half of an hour, 40 minutes east of right here, however on this field there may be nothing so i have access to allof this public Crown land, we call it here in Canada.All this Crown land i will use for looking and exploring and fishing and all that variety of stuff. So it’s truly like Ihave enormous quantities of acres at my disposal, but it surely’s a 20 acre parcel that we really possess. We paid $50,000 for it precisely. On the market whilst, the next property that wewere severely given that was 5 and a 1/2 acres and that was without a doubt south of here however on a rather remote avenue as good, very little traffic, but additionally intricate to get to in the iciness on the grounds that the avenue could be the final road that might be plowed in that discipline. This one is too, but it’s kept in prettygood shape clearly. Anyway, that property was once $22,000, I believe it ended up selling for. And that was also surrounded, there was once no other development there, surrounded by means of Crown land as good so that you might have access to all that but you might also have your privateness.So $50,000, you could payas little as say $22,000. If you happen to went furthernorth you might pay less. The task of coursewith a smaller acreage is that you just would notbe competent to get ample constructing substances for the property. So there may be so much ofthings we were watching for in a property that werereally not negotiable. One was the unorganized township. One was entry to water. So water used to be primaryso now we have the flow, we’ve got snow, now we have the canine well, and then we have anotherpond at the south finish of the property at thehighest elevation right here. So plenty of water. We wanted entry to plenty of Crown land. We desired privateness and quiet. And substances, building substances, so land that had quite a few bushes on it, which this one’s wholly treed.It was once logged last about 15 years in the past, so it’s not ancient growth, however there is numerous firewood and various natural world habitat. Very well, so the matters I spent money on or certainly with the matters that I did not absolutely purchase. So for the total of$5,637 that we’re rounding up to $6,000, the logs I curb, the entire trees, enough todo at least two cabins from my two associates’ locations, homes, so i have a whole bunch of cedar. I reduce a entire bunch of cedar, spruce, crimson pine and white pine. Quite a lot of these logs for this cabin and for the sauna virtually are 12 foot cedar fence publish, which his why quite a lot of them are debarked. I did must debark a variety of them myself. Quite a lot of them were debarked after which I picked them up in trailer so then I shrink some balsam fir.Various the trim work is balsam fir that I cut back right here on this property, simply correct round right here. And a few cedars as good. So the logs I didn’t emerge as buying for this cabin in different words, so these fence posts though,if you have been to purchase them, and that i did buy a couple of for the sauna, they’re $24 each and every andI used 80, eight zero, to build this cabin with. I spent $586 for 244two through six by way of 10 foot, which is what I did the roof with. Quite a lot of those I had sawn. I had taken to a mill to get sawn from the red pine that I scale back. Others I bought from a difficult mill that actually has rather inexpensive lumber. I stated that acouple times at the time after I was once constructing, how low cost it was once. It ended up making moresense for me to do that than to take a look at at hand make them. It could’ve taken me ceaselessly due to the fact that I wasn’t utilizing anypower equipment on the time.So 244 of those, which sounds like loads, but the roof is a double layer of two by means of six by ten and it can be a full 10 foot line on both side, so 244 of them, which is what, forty four occasions 88, 176, just to do the roof. And of direction the flooris performed with them as well. And the floor of the loft. So $586 for these. I used 80 one through 10 by using 10 feet and that was once for the roof that I charred. I stopped up charring those boards and made a board and batten roof. And that was $176 greenbacks. Plus that involves also some that I used for the interior as well. You bought metal spikes. I could’ve acquired rid of those if I had used a wooden doweling,which I meant to do. I did some timber dowels, however I observed that I justwasn’t competent to bore the holes fast ample, I didn’t havethe right tools on the time.I do have an auger nowthat i’m making use of on the sauna that I want I had back then that may’ve eradicated the spikes, that was almost $200worth of nails and spikes that I might’ve taken out of the equation. The roof membrane, its just about unimaginable to build a water tight roof with out it. Even historic trapper’s cabins,rather then the true old ones use some style of roof membrane beneath even the sod or whateverelse they roofed with, whether it used to be steel,shingles, cedar shakes like I did on the kitchen. You need some style of roof membrane although it’s simply tar paper underneath in order that was once $a hundred and twenty. What you could possibly replacethat with quite often is birch bark, however there is now not very many large, massive, mature birchbark timber around anymore that you may get flat sheets off of which can be thick enoughand high high-quality adequate to be regarded a roof membrane, however if you happen to did, you could overlap them identical to shingles allthe method up the roof.I used 20 bags of cement forthe flooring underneath the range. The again splash of rocks in the back of the range and one of the vital mortar. A variety of that is mud in actual fact so it is clay with sand and straw or moss jumbled together, so I could’ve eliminated the cement. In fact the worst cracking spots are surely the place I used the cement, so that may be eradicated wholly. The home windows we received from somebody online simply eliminating them. You could consistently find windows cheap, both free or affordable. I might’ve gotten free ones. I had a entire bunch ofoffers at no cost ones after I began, afterI already purchased some, however the windows have been 10bucks every, now not even.We acquired 14 of them for $150, or 15 of them for $one hundred forty. And i’m going to be utilising those in the sauna and one of the different buildings. However the additional price,i am rounding that up to $30 every due to the fact wehad these displays made truely from a brand in the city that is closest to right here. Probably the most pricey factor was once most commonly, as opposed to the logs ifI had to pay for them, was the range, the heating method. The timber range itself wasreally cheap, it was once $a hundred and sixty, and we bought that again used on-line. It was constructed in 1986, butit’s doing a first-class job for me. The extra high-priced partof that system is the entire chimney process. Black pipe, ceiling package to hold it, and the stainless pipeis the most pricey. Double walled, six inchstainless insulated pipe that goes up by way of the roof after which of path higher than the height with a rain cap on it. In order that was once over 800 bucks. Bought miscellaneous screws,some stain for the counter, the copper sink and copperback splash in the kitchen and the copper behind the range, that would be over $300 for that. I failed to pay for it, thanks David once more fordonating that copper sheet.He is a sheet steel employee in the area, he owns a sheet metal enterprise and he donated this copper, which was once so high-quality of him to do. I finished up utilizing it for several things as you’ll find around the cabin. So you wouldn’t do this regularly, but we find a used sink for free or we spent like 10 or 20 bucks on it. An historic stainless sink. Some timber glue, some caulking. Vapor barrier and floor insulation. I did not fill much of thatunderneath this floor. I genuinely put a layer of polyvapor barrier on the ground after which put unhealthy insulation,R-20 fiberglass insulation, and then an additional layerof poly vapor barrier on prime of that, so we’vegot a sandwich layer to keep the moisture out of it.That was once $350 just for that. My plan was once consistently to doa sawdust insulated flooring. Actually, there is a lotof matters I desired to try this would’ve been free and extra rustic however the mission wasjust getting out of hand as far as the labor was once worried and so far as procuringmaterials and making substances so i finished up going that route to get proper insulationotherwise this flooring would be very cold. And that i had some propane that I used. I did a number of theburning over an open hearth to char these roof boardsand these floor boards, however i finished up using about$a hundred valued at of propane to char that timber. Them hemlock beams, that is anything Iactually did must buy. These six with the aid of six hemlockbeams that go throughout the cabin tying the walls together tostop them from moving inside and out and in addition I used those for the basis.I made pine tar, I waterproofed them and i put a bit bit ofroofing membrane underneath them to separate the foundationfrom the ground, to discontinue them from rottingor sluggish them down at the least. So that is the answer topeople that are wondering why I developed this proper on the ground. It can be without a doubt now not, thecedar logs are sitting most often a good six inches off the ground on high of these hemlock beams and the hemlock beams as they rot, i will be able to simply pull them outeven a bit at a time or wholly, just keep the cabin jacked up or go away adequate of therest of the thing in position after which fill that in with rocks or construct cement footings or whatever so that is why I wasn’ttoo concerned about it. Received some miscellaneous two by means of fours. Again, all low priced, like a $1.70 every, the two by way of sixes were $2.40 each and every. The one via 10 used to be $2.20 every. So all highly cheap. And that’s pretty good it. So essentially all of thewood will also be eradicated. Now that i have a chainsaw mill, i am actually cuttingalmost all of my own boards and this timber i’ve been cutting down or the timber i have been cutting down are actually seasoned enoughthat i can use those for all of this year’s constructing initiatives so I still have a hundred logs or more that i can cut into lumber and that i will make logsout of or partitions out of so that’s why I say any ofthat stuff can also be eliminated given that practically Idid have the materials, I just switched them out to be able to be capable to do theproject on the timeline that I desired to do it on.The outhouse I spent $181 whole in materials on that for lumber once more, only one with the aid of 10’s, two by sixes. It capabilities amazing. I have tons of cedar sawdust that we use to throw into the outhouse. There is literally no smell in there. If there may be any scent,it is virtually a first-rate certainly one of cedar shavings, soit’s no longer offensive at all to make use of that outhouse and it can be not inconvenienteven on a cold day like this so it did not trouble meto throw some boots on, heat coat and a hat and go out there.So yeah, it is $6,000, plus something land, so if that you could work hardor work doing what I stated, an common of $20 an hour, you’re speaking about 300 hours so you are speakme aboutsix weeks that you may have the entire materials procured to build a cabin like this. And of direction in case you aspect within the land, if you are equipped to find land like this. Some of the different pieces of property that had been available on the market, there used to be one down the avenue and throughout for $76,000 I suppose it used to be for 40 acres with the circulation and a pond andeverything on that as well.Plenty of bushes, thick forest. I’m not certain what you will find right now. It can be complicated to seek out anunorganized township property however it relies where you are of path. However there’s your range. The reason we did not purchase waterfront, even in this field, theunorganized township, is that as quickly as you get waterfront the cost jumps as much as to $300,000 bucks for a small piece ofproperty that is bought neighbors right subsequent to you so that you shouldn’t have theprivacy and the solitude and the natural world and allthe stuff that we’ve right here. So there you go, so totalif you circular that as much as $60,000. I make after I’m working alot greater than $20 an hour, but worst case is I work a50 hour week for 50 weeks, that’s 2,500 hours andmake say, 20 bucks an hour, you are talking just overa yr of actual labor. Of direction you have other things you must spend your cash on, but inside a subject oftwo, three, four years if you’re frugal andlive someplace cheaply you could keep up money, that you may have a residence like this, debt free, running bills are subsequent to nothing.Our property taxes areunder $300 per 12 months, so again for 10 hoursof work for an individual, even performing some localhandiwork around right here. And no electricity expenditures, no water bills, meals is consistently additional, however with all this land andall this flora and fauna around right here and the vegetation and the fishand the water and the whole lot i can cut back my foodcosts down incredibly low and i’m gonna try to get itas low as i will be able to this yr and file that as well and hopefully with the aid of this time subsequent year i’ll be competent to offer you an accounting of a full year’s valued at of meals bills and other expenditures. I believe I forgot to mention this morning what it really expenses me and how much you would actuallybuild this cabin for should you have been getting allthe substances your self from the land.So in the event you had entry to all the bushes that you needed typically. So what i ended up spending used to be $three,222, so three,222, let’s consider worstcase that used to be $3,500, so that is what it rate me. One of the vital predominant charges, virtually a couple thingsthat I could have achieved to knock the price downa little bit additional, one was to keep searchingor search previous for range pipe, becauseoften you can see it on Kijiji or Craig’s list or something, folks promoting it asthey remove wood stoves from their garage or from their house.So ironically this previous summer season there was once some pipe forsale that was once really inexpensive and there was sufficient to do the cabin and i should’ve picked it up on the time. It was once earlier than I made up our minds whatI was once doing with the sauna, so now i am gonna be searchingagain for sauna pipe for the stove and Icould’ve picked that up for next to nothing. In order that was once virtually $1,000 soI would’ve eliminated that, or lowered that down through shall we embrace half.So there may be about $1,200I would’ve eradicated in timber price if I had achieved everything with the trees I decrease. I do not remorse doing what I did on the grounds that I had a timelinethat I was once looking to meet. Seeking to get the roof onbefore iciness final year and that i simply barely made it so if I had been cuttingall of my possess lumber I simply should not have made it but with a smaller cabin, certainly a single story cabin, would’ve made sense just tohue all of those roof ports and depart them thick.So virtually it will’vecreated the structure and the sub straight for nailing something roofing fabric straight to it. So rather, you could build this thing then for about $2,000 i would say should you nonetheless bought thingslike spikes and stuff. And when you had been ableto get used materials, i don’t believe you’ll haveany difficulty doing that. Like I mentioned it fee me roughly $three,500 and i know I could’ve knocked that down as a minimum a further $1,500. So there you go. You need to construct a cabin within the woods, that is how cheaply you are able to do it. So that used to be the fundamental costof constructing the cabin itself, what I are likely to call the infrastructure, so getting the building up,getting the outhouse built, outdoor kitchen and sauna I don’t forget a part of my total domicile and infrastructure and the wood pile and some other projects Ihave just like the wood store, but those matters aren’t relatively essential if you’re dwelling awilderness domicile lifestyles.If you’re trying to find a way or work out whether this culture is as low cost as you envision it to be then I think you wouldeliminate the luxuries and come to a decision if you wish to addthose over time or not. I consider if you’re the sort of individual who is inventive enoughto do this to with, you are mainly restless ornever wholly satisfied and you are going to continueto make stronger and increase, which we are likely to do. And that might be what I’ve completed, including these extra comfortablebuildings which can be valuable or carrying on with to toughen inside of, but anyway, what I’ve shown you so far is the fundamental rate of the building itself. Now one of the additionalcosts this present day is the fee of electrical power and any electronics that youwant to proceed to function.Once I did this the first time, when I constructed that first cabin on a property close herein 1991, so once I used to be 21, I purchased that property after I was once 19 to style of use it as a weekend retreat, just drowsing in tentsand stuff on the property. Then I constructed that log cabin. Back then, there used to be no phone telephones, there was no internet, so I didn’t have any othercosts after I started. I had no need for electrical power,let’s put it that approach. Now I do, due to the fact I’msharing all of this with you, so if you want to stayconnected with the world then you definately must give you the chance to do that. I’m in an area here that’snot tremendously remote. I have no idea where thecell mobilephone tower is, I feel it’s in that course. I am on a bit of of a excessive pointhere the place the cabin is.Down within the valley and back here, there isn’t any cell cellphone provider. Up on the larger ground over here there may be pretty excellent carrier. And once I get go into reverse in the direction of the road there isn’t again. So now not utterly dependable,however at least i have it. Now I don’t have any internet right here, and if I desired that then i would need not only to install andpay for satellite web, and up right here it is Xplornet, but also then the vigour to operate that or to keep that strolling. I do not know how so much that will price, how much power that draws, and whether or not there needs to bea consistent source or not. The concern with what i’m making use of right here is electricity is sporadic on the grounds that i’m producing thepower with the sun panels charging the vigor financial institution after which once I do not have adequate sunlight I must stir up a generatorto cost that energy financial institution. Nonetheless that’s certainly one of my disorders. Now probably the most otherthings you are going to need despite whetheryou’re working cameras and internet and stufflike that is lighting fixtures.Which you can get away with just average light, or daylight and firelight,that’s some of the reasons we chose a timber stovewith a glass front on it. Apart from the low-priced cost, as well because the factthat we will cook on it, they were the important driversand the most important criteria that we have been looking for. A flat surface that couldget hot sufficient to prepare dinner thoroughly and that had glass doorsto light up the cabin. As opposed to that we use these lanterns. The lanterns are really effective, they do not burn by way of that so much gas, so it can be really affordable to operate them, but again that is somethingthat you need to hold in mind that you need to deliver in and pay for fuel to operate those lanterns.So you are in a positionwhere if you want lighting greater than candlelight, even candlelight, you want tobuy candles or make candles, so there is invariably some price for mild and most commonly the cheapestcost is genuinely using rechargeable lights like i’m here. Headlamp for assignment lightingis a really good option so you don’t have got to havelighting for the period of the cabin or through the outside ifyou have slightly headlamp and it operates off ofone rechargeable battery that can last you a very long time, years, without any additional running cost. However for me, like I mentioned, i am filming, I’ve acquired mild on the digicam right now, I’ve obtained some overhead lighting. I’ve got this assignment lightingin the kitchen subject which is particularly useful becausethe back part of the cabin being the north facet, Ididn’t set up any windows considering the fact that I didn’t want the cold north wind buffing up towards thecabin and the home windows and cooling down the cabin. So I left it darkish on this aspect on motive.However what that does is it creates darkness the place i need light to operate to do things like work within the kitchen. So I’ve long past with intention Zero approach. It’s not the most cost effective. There are different options,principally if you’re going to do a do it yourselfsolar electricity process. That you can simply get batteries, an inverter, charge controller and asmany panels as you ought to generate electrical energy. So that is going to be an initial rate, an upfront capital price and it is going to run into the hundreds of thousands. Correctly this sunlight procedure is worth virtually as much because the wholecost of constructing the cabin. So you’ll need to hold that in mind that if you want to go completelywilderness, ancient institution, back to pre-electricity days then which you can eliminate allof that cost which is excellent, on the grounds that the opposite thing is thatit additionally has running costs.Batteries do dieeventually, say six years, you need to substitute them. And you’ll have otherfailures in the procedure that you simply must hold and pay for. So that’s one of the crucial best expenses of doing this kind of tradition except like I saidyou’re going more rustic. If I might try this I woulddo that if I was once single, if I have been more youthful. I’d’ve preferred to atleast try that for a 12 months, i would’ve preferred to trythat for a full 12 months, dwelling without a today’s conveniences simply to see how well I would do. So far as cleansing, I getthat query rather probably. Each for personalhygiene as well as dishes and stuff like that. I’ve shown it in a number of videos. This two piece turkey roaster. Two portions. So you put a turkey intypically and prepare dinner it like that. I’ve had that for a long time. It is enamel, holds up, lasts a very long time. I have been utilising that, I began using that for carrying all my dishes for camping after which it just endedup becoming a wash basin.So speedy forward a long time and here i’m nonetheless utilising it and findingit extra useful than ever. So i’ve one striking hereand one hanging by the fire. If i’ve room on the range,I often have one of these stuffed with water justsimmering away on the range. It’s serving to for humidity,including humidity to the air due to the fact the wood stove radiantheat can get rather dry, and likewise of path then it’s to be had always for laundry. So I in finding that highly worthwhile. Very simple, handy and efficient. Now the equal thing appliesto personal hygiene. I think we’re spoiledto have going for walks water and hot water on demand. And the bathe is first-class,however it’s not essential. So what I found is that this sink that I constructed from copper is pleasant and deep and in fact it’s so deepthat i do not like filling it. I would not fill it, Idon’t think I’ve ever absolutely stuffed it. As an alternative I do use these various instances for laundry dishes right in there.I will just relaxation it right here, take the dishes and let them dry in the sink. Repeatedly i will put waterin the sink and do that. However what I to find it mostuseful for is some thing like washing hair, sort of sponge bathing right here, and that is the answerto the shower query. So nothing flawed with sponge bathing. So I get scorching water on the range.I will be able to either stand in frontof the stove correct there, which I generally do. I’ve that large brass potin the iciness final year and the summer season however often inthe iciness and spring, i guess. Simply stand in that and sponge bathe in front of the wooden stove. And the of course oncesummer rolls around, a quality, tough rain, go out there and stand with a bar of soap or shampoo or anything and wash off doing that. Soar in the lake, you will have seenme bathe down within the creek here in the back of the cabinwhen the water’s flowing and it can be clean, clear. All this rain water I’mcollecting off the roof now. That’s easy to wash with. So there’s quite a few ways to scrub. It is no longer as colossal an issueonce you start doing it, or as you believe it’s. And you get used to thecold water and it’s pleasant. Now with that being mentioned, that’s handy for me, i don’t mind that and i have continually done that, however so far as my spouse is worried and even for myself now, i am beginning to get spoiled and this thought of a sauna bathhouse is type of enjoyable becausewe’ll not handiest have a scorching sauna however hot water in there aswell coming off the timber range that we are able to use to pumpthrough a bathe head or simply dump a bucketof scorching water over you.It is loads less complicated to clean your hair or just get rejuvenated witha first-rate hot shower and sauna. So we’re looking forward to that. Now a different fairlysignificant project is food and how do you store meals and retain it. So this solar electrical power method has allowed us to add this little fridge. The little fridge ishandy for smaller gadgets and there’s a small freezer on the prime to freeze some stuff. What i am finding mostefficient, most valuable, is whatever that needsto be frozen like meat, put it in that little freezer within the prime and put some ice in there with it after which i will flip the fridge off so it barely attracts any energy. That and it is usually thecoldest spot within the cabin being the furthest from the fireplace, up against the external wall, so it tends to now not actuallycome on that normally.For the same purpose I’vegot the icebox thing in the ground right here, the foodstorage factor within the flooring. That’s far from the stove,it can be low, north facet, that is additionally very cold all the time, even in the summertime. A little bit tip I picked up, I think it used to be on a Netflix program, I feel in Colorado or some thing, so vinegar will come inthese, or cooking oil, windshield washer fluidand stuff like that. But if it is windshield washer fluid, simply make sure you neverdrink out of this container. Actually, we don’t use thisfor consuming water in any respect. Just continue to freeze it. So in the summertime, youcan put any such, cracked open so it doesn’texpand like this one did, cracked open, put it inthe freezer of that fridge.Turn on the fridge fora day, freeze these, then turn the fridge off andlet these maintain the whole lot cold. For those who p.C. Meals tight, likea bunch of meat for instance tight within the freezer,simply fill that house up and take a look at to preserve it filled withfrozen items all the time, you would be surprised how lengthy it lasts. Within the wintry weather, of direction,I just put these outside and allow them to freeze, bring them in, and drop them down intothe icebox in the floor to preserve the temperature alittle bit more bloodless and stable. And equal thing with the fridge.This sort of can go within the fridge with the refrigerateditems to preserve them fresh. In order that pretty well eliminates or greatly reducesthe fee of refrigeration. My long run intention is to have a entire bunch of those containers,say 50 of them or extra, freeze these in the winter andthen store them underground protected in sawdust in afully insulated cellar so one can maintain that ice frommelting all summer lengthy. Of path that’s not a new system and it can be no longer trial and blunder, that’s something that is beendone throughout history. Iceboxes have been commonuntil not that long in the past. So that cellar that I needto get built underground goes to have gooddrainage in case of meltage, and likewise colossal adequate thatI can store numerous ice, no longer only of those containers, but also that i will cut fromthe lake, colossal, big chunks that i’m going to reduce straight from the lake.That’ll get saved in sawdust so i’ll want room to haveall that sawdust to duvet it and most of the time put strawbails on prime of the building and on the sides, however most ofit’s going to be underground. So that is a solution and it can be a technique that in the event you have been opening planning on building a situation like this in the desert or semi barren region then simply digging intothe north side of a hill where the solar certainly not hits it in the summertime goes to providepretty good refrigeration and meals storage. In case you’ve seen the north facets of cliffs, so on the south aspect of a lake if there’s a high cliff and all of the ice and everythingand snow that accumulates over the iciness getsdense adequate, deep ample, you’ll to find that even in late could the solar does not hit thatand there’ll nonetheless be ice on that north facet of the cliff in the core of,routinely into June even. So the equal precept applies. I’ve acquired a excellent north slope here correct beyond the cabin so the cellar’s going to move down in there.So should you’ve been following alongside, observing my movies throughout the approach for the last 12 months and a 1/2, seeing me building stuff,you’ll see quite a lot of materials come from here on the land together with the whole thing from this staircase. So handrail’s a bit ofhard maple, so sugar maple. The stringers and thetreads are from an ash tree that had died sincerely,traditionally two years in the past, however it was still standing, dry and sound, so now not rotted at all yet.I made hardwood dowels outof ash, maple and birch. Had to go into the edges tosupport these treads as good. And via the sideshere, what I didn’t exhibit is that I’ve received pins entering into by way of the perimeters right here, simply smaller dowels andin some instances screws. So well-nigh very close tofree to build this staircase. So that’s what lots ofthe stuff in here is, almost free.Just as long as you may have access to bushes, forest like this. In an effort to continue setting up andadding things to the property, even furniture, insideand out, matters like that, the extra time you’ve gotten for your fingers, of course you’ve got timeto make matters like that and you have got time for projects which are valuable and interesting. So a couple of luxury itemslike this camp mattress that we had made by means of a companythat manufactures mattresses for a quantity of things, butthey make camp mattresses.So the children camps, it’sfoam, 4 inches thick, and it can be covered in a vinylthat which you can without problems wipe easy. Of direction that’s necessary in a camp the place you might have got youngsters making a multitude and mice and stuff like that. So that is why we did it, we figured there wouldbe more mice in right here and it will be less difficult to scrub this up and take the linens off andjust wash these individually. And of direction pillows and stuff like which can be slightly of a luxury as good. This discipline here gets usedmainly for consuming on the table, however the rationale this bench is so vast, it’s three toes broad or 30 inches extensive, the motive for that’s that this doubles as a single mattress and in the summertime I located, that I honestly slept on this really on the whole considering that it bought warm up within the loft.Cali has additionally claimedthis partially as her bed, but when any guests stay over that is also the place they would stay. Now up within the loft wehave a double mattress, equal requirements, so four inches thick and six toes lengthy andwhatever the width is of a double mattress and it’s fairly relaxed truly and we’ve got a comforter and blankets and stuff like that up there.The furs are what I originallyalways desired to do, was simply have extra furs and that will be the bedding. That’s still the planI simply have got to proceed to reap sufficient animals and keep the hidesin order to try this. So again, wilderness residing will also be accomplished without looking and fishing, I suppose, if you are equipped to provisionyourself rather ordinarily so have somebody bringing stuff to you or you are capable to get out without problems to a few form of civilization. I’m simplest a few half of hourfrom the nearest village right here, in order that i will be able to provision and then about an houror two to larger towns that allows you to get meals there as good. So at this stage i am still doing that. Now of course, i haven’t hadtime to inventory up food right here, I shouldn’t have a garden yet. That is my first yearhunting this property particularly.Just did a little bit of smallgame searching right here final year. So i’m nonetheless learning the lay of the land, nonetheless learning the wildlife habits and their levels and the whole thing. So subsequent year i will be alot extra self sufficient from the exact land so in the meantime Ihave to provision in town once per week or two. Of course I need to add movies as well on account that I don’t have web here. Now I quite often go to townto do everything without delay, so i will determine the mailbox,i will go on a spree, any supplies that I needlike building substances or gasoline or anything else i want after which of direction uploading the movies.I’ll attempt to have enough equipped to head, like per week or week anda half worth of movies so that i will add all of these without delay. Of direction my family’s nothere with me full time, so that’s my opportunityto spend time with them. My daughters are in secondary schooling so they may be off to tuition. But my wife, when she’s up here with me, and i am going and visit with herof course down in the village. So the furs that i’m making use of right here, I’ve received caribou hideshanging on the windows. I’m going to put these on the wall right here when they may be not on the home windows. That is certainly, a pair matters, one’s for privateness when I’m no longer right here in case somebody wants tocome onto the property. I’ve those striking onthe inside like curtains but the primary purpose isto aid with insulation. Home windows are the leastefficient a part of any home, including a log cabin.No R value and the heatpasses correct through and the bloodless comes inso the fur on the window helps with that so I’llgenerally just put those up at night time when of coursethere’s no daytime to help provide lighting within the cabin. It is darkish external, Imight as well put these on and continue warmth. So the fur that I hand acquire round here will incorporate moose, rabbit,got a couple rabbit hides here, bought some whitetail deer hides,furs that I’ve gathered over the years and i’llcontinue to do this to any extent further. I more commonly donate my hides tothe First countries application. First countries makethings out of their furs or use the furs for their own use. As an alternative of donating these forthe following couple of years as a minimum, i will keeping hides here.Endure, deer, moose, rabbit,and might be some raccoons and stuff like that,something’s on the property. And the whole thing’s harvestedfor food, now not just for furs. And then once i can get enough i’m going to go back to probablydonating them to First nations. So probably the most other most important costsof direction, is maintaining warm. And in this climate up here, you may have bought a long heating season so usually first frost is the primary week on normal of October and then the last for us isaround the 1/3 week of could. So you’ve got all of October,November, December, January, February, March,April and a part of could. So fairly June, July,August, Septemberish, is set your seasonwhere you do not even wish to have a fireplace inside of mostly ever, since it can be best to have a cool space that you on no account heat up. Now this last year Inoticed that there may be occasions if it is really damp out and there’s a lot of humiditythat it got damp in here so I believe what i’m going to do next summer time is to light up a beautiful hot fire perhaps once each two to 3 weeks or something like thatjust to dry the location out sometime when I’m notneeding to come within at all or when I know it’sgoing to be a fab night or anything like that i will be able to do this.But the point being that heating is going to be a foremost, steady price and i am fortunate thatI have 20 acres right here and that i even have permissionfrom different men and women round right here to gather firewood. I have about a yr and ahalf of supply right now. I’ve already recognized treesand source for other firewood that will final me, shall we say I’ve got six, seven, eight bushcords, some thing like that, and i don’t think i’m going to go by way of three bush cords this yr. In order that comes at some variety of fee. Either an vigour price, afuel price for chainsaw, due to the fact that i am simply now not atthat stage but myself that i can reduce adequate firewood through hand with a handsaw to provide adequate firewood, so i am nonetheless using a chainsaw.Probably after next year, I’lltry to get rid of a chainsaw as so much as feasible and just use a handsaw due to the fact that i will have extra time on my hands. So the fee of firewood, ifyou can not purchase it locally, otherwise you can not supply enoughof it in your possess land or anywhere you get permission to do so, then the choice is to geta full load of logs in, a full load of firewood logs up right here is anyplace, I do not know how a lot it is, I heard this year it’sgoing to be closer to $1,500 and from that you simply will have to getabout six or seven bush cords. I believe final year it used to be$1,000 for a full truck load. So like I said, let’s consider that truck load will final two years,you’re talking about $500 for a heating season per year. Plus your fuel for your chainsaw, so might be one other $a hundred bucks. Well it would not be morethan $100 for oil and gasoline. But that’s a price, proper? So you ought to component that in as well. Now if that you would be able to cut the whole thing by hand, that you would be able to do away with that costall the way in which all the way down to zero if you are residing fully within the desolate tract and do not have to work and do not ought to spendtime building areas like I needed to build them.So even as we’re on thesubject of fireplace and warmth, i might say that probablyright close the very high of the desert skills that you just have got to do that type ofthing is opening a fire in any stipulations and as quality as it feels to begin a fire with abow drill or a hand drill or a striker or flint steelor even a Pharaoh rod. All of these things take quite a few apply and a lot of vigour in reality, even when you’re well practiced at it, you’re effective at it. A few of those matters are very tiring, just like the bow drill and the hand drill are very, very tiring andcan be very frustrating even with a Pharaoh rodto get a fire began. So sure, you should knowhow to do those matters, but nowadays, a affordable Bic lighter inyour pocket invariably, in fact, i have thesethings planted far and wide. In all of my apparatus, each % that I possess, including my digicam case, in pockets in all places, mybottom pockets in my pants, in jackets and stuff, I’ve constantly got lighters and a few of them, at all times as a minimum one is in a plastic bag, like a Ziplock bag that is water-resistant and that’s in my pocketor nearly my physique to preserve it warm.Within the winter, these lighters do freeze up and also you is not going to be capable to operate it so by means of having it in my pocket,it can be continuously going to gentle. And when you’re cold,when you’re quite bloodless or perhaps even in an emergency predicament you can’t be seeking to depend on your primitive hearth making competencies considering that you may also now not make it.You may also not get a fire going earlier than hypothermia sets in to the factor where you are not able to even functionenough to construct a hearth.So that’s the opposite factor about fireplace is your arms are way more valuable than I believe you supply themcredit for in that trouble. You count on that you’regoing to have the dexterity in the event you say, fall via theice when you’re ice fishing, i’m going to be at hazard coming up, principally within the earlierpart of the season, if that used to be to occur, you’regoing to be very, very cold, very swiftly and you are going to lose not handiest intellectual capacity, butalso function for your palms and your dexterity is going to be so terrible that even running a lighteris going to be problematic, so lighters, furthermore to other primitive fire making ways like a Pharaoh rod or the flint and metal I encouraged beforerelying on a bow drill. Maintain some watertight fits as well, preserve some watertight Bic lighters. If that you can as well, have someother style of fire tinder or a spark holder, birchbark is just right, of direction, shred it to your pocketor in a bag ideally.Vaseline soaked cottonballs are efficient. Wax, fats wood, which isresinous timber from a pine tree, a purple pine in distinct,we have various that here, so have a candle, that’sanother good factor to have for your package, a couple of of them if you can. Little Esbit gas tabs,so many matters that make lighting a fire andmaintaining a fireplace easier that it’s silly to not have that on you. It’s now not a recreation when you’rein a survival challenge.It can be critical and also you have to be able to get a fire going quicklyand a tremendous hearth by and large. A drying hearth desires to bea large mound of something, so the other then aboutyour fingers is to have some way of warming your arms up. I continuously have a downjacket or vest like this certain up tight in a dry bag on me as well as in a kit, sotypically i’ll have two of them. And i would propose eitherbig fur muffs or giant mitts, now not gloves. So i would at all times have some thing like this when you are travelling within the desert.Something at that you can get your palms in that’s relatively, relatively heat. Your fingers are together, they may be now not separated in a glove and even like I mentioned,only a tube or some thing that you could put your handsin to heat your self up and ideally in the event you alsoget that close to your body to heat your palms up, you are going to needto proceed to try this if you ever want that ina desert drawback. So that’s only a fast thingyou have to preserve in mind if you’re doing all this,these are small charges, however your talent is goingto be the number one factor that you ought to do that variety of factor, to are living this type of lifestyle.So of course you are going to want tools to construct this situation but also to live that wilderness subculture as good, so again, somewhat of a costassociated with that. A good ax, necessary of path, if that you may find the money for it and ifyou have room and resources, then a couple of ax is exceptional to have. We’ve got obtained a splitting ax, we’ve got bought one-of-a-kind building axes, however i would say for day-to-day use, continuing to only live in the wilderness, ideally you’d need justa camp ax like this, which is essentially aslightly better hatchet, but a hatchet could be satisfactory as good and then a larger axfor reducing bushes down, for splitting and stuff like that, which you could have obvious me use lots of outside.If you’re dwelling the kindof wasteland culture and you are trying to gather meals cheaply, dwelling off the land up right here is inconceivable. I do not consider it is even arguable. I do not suppose there’sanyone who would recommend that you may live offthe land as a vegetarian here in Canada. Look at it external, it’s November, i have never noticeable the groundfor a month, naked ground, and for this reason no fruits andvegetables, that is for definite. Whatever that I wasable to acquire prior I wasn’t in a position to get inlarge sufficient portions rather then maple syrup to reside off of, so dwelling right here meansharvesting fish and game. I’ve a number of special firearms and approaches that I hunt with, including archery primarilyactually for gigantic sport. And then for significant gamingwith more coverage, i have my rifle, 30 oddsix rifle and shotgun. Shotgun, that you would be able to basicallyshoot everything with a shotgun, if I was once to have just one firearm and some thing I knew Icould harvest whatever with it might be a 12 gauge shotgun.That is an old facet byside that my Dad gave me. I feel he acquired it in 1971. It can be cheap, its an Ithaca model1100 or whatever like that. One hundred, i suppose it’s. Facet by means of aspect, there may be nothingto go incorrect with that. Simply hinges open and feeda couple of shells into it, i will harvest anythingfrom rabbits, squirrels, ducks, all of the method upto, I’ve shot undergo, deer, not ever shot a moose with ashotgun, however it’s viable so it is a very good all around gun if that you can simplest have enough money onegun or handiest want to have one or most effective have the time and space for one, then a 12 gauge is what i might advocate.The 30 ordinary six for me is the superb rifle on the grounds that i’ve shot caribou,moose, bear and deer with that rifle and it caneasily manage any massive sport. There may be tons of argumentsabout distinctive calibers but for me after doing allthe study years ago, that is what I’ve found to bethe most efficient gun for me due to the fact i am not a gun collector. I just need whatevertools I need to do the job as cheaply and as efficiently as possible. And speaking of archery, i have been making my own arrows for years. Some of these arrows areprobably 15, twenty years old. I’m going to get backinto making them once more, and making extra right fromscratch like I used to do. So all that useless ashthat I made this out of, nice straight grain a few of it, and a few of it is lovely tight, so gradual developing, very, very robust, dense, it is a heavy arrow, so you must have a bowstrong adequate to shoot that, nevertheless it’s an awfully efficientweight for the arrow, so an extraordinarily efficient weightfor harvesting colossal sport.So i’ll be making thoseagain, normally next summer it should be one of the initiatives I work on. Then I fletch them withturkey feathers, there may be one. There’s an arrow that I made years ago, so that is feathers from aturkey that I harvested, wing feathers. It can be a self nock, so I just cut the nock into the end of the arrow. I have got to wrap these, in most cases what I do is i’ll wrap that with sin-you from the animal, in order that that doesn’t cut up for the reason that as soon as the arrow isreleased when you pull again, the string transfers alot of energy to the arrow and on the grounds that it is straight grain, it will truly break up the arrow,so that you ought to wrap that.I made that dowel with thelittle doweling jig that I made. So free arrows, essentiallythis a free arrow besides for the tip. I finished up purchasing traditionalsteel guidelines for these an these will final foreverif you handle them. They are very efficient as good. So once more, yet another way of chopping expenditures. I can harvest small recreation and tremendous sport, for very nearly free, exceptfor the cost of the tag. So here, i do not knowhow much it’s anymore, seeing that I customarily purchase mylicense three years at a time. Common hunting licenesecosts you $30 a year which permits you to hunt small sport and on high of that you just’llhave your enormous recreation tags, they may be round $forty for deer, bear, moose and things like that.So that you can quite often,for $200, have sufficient. And waterfowl is anothertag you want for sport birds. So let’s assume $200 a yr would offer you all of the tags you have got to harvest sufficient meat to furnish for at least you and one other person. And if that other man or woman acquired tags as well and the sport is to be had, then you could reside prettywell for say $four hundred a year as far as meat is worried. Now fish is an extra factor completely. Fishing licenses are relatively low priced, I believe $25 dollars let’s assume a yr here and we now have over 250,000lakes right here in Ontario, so there is at all times something to fish for. There’s normally some season that is open and there’s alwaysspecies that are plentiful in close to each lake and river that perhaps are not physical activities species but they nonetheless taste good they usually still furnish tons of protein and fat in some circumstances. Catfish, a excellent instance, suckers, panfish like sunfish and stuff like that. Long seasons, generous limits, so which you can harvest and possess. You need to check thefishing sport regulations each yr to make surethere’s no alterations.Get to understand the fishing game laws for the area that you are in and then attempt to take talents of these underutilized species alternatively of concentrating on the greater, more popular species that grow to be becomingscarce or underpopulated when you consider that they may be harvestedat too high a fee. So that’s the satisfactory thing about Ontario, we’ve got so many lakes and rivers which you can consistently to find some lake that infrequently will get fished, in particular should you haveway to get back to it, like canoeing, take alightweight canoe out, that you would be able to raise some distance into the bush down rivers, down across lakes, get in some distance, far away fromcivilization and from roads after which in the wintry weather identical factor applies for the snowmobile, whichis probably the most things I did this 12 months, I finallybought a snowmobile so i will entry allthose back country lakes.That is what i will be doing alot of this year, quantity two. Ultimately it does cut downmy fee for gasoline for timber but in addition of path the price of fish. Fish is very high-priced,so if i can harvest sufficient fish and game and firewoodwith the snow machine then it should pay for theinitial price of that factor as good because the maintenanceand fuel for it, which is a trade off. If I was once dwelling in anarea that was very wealthy with fishing recreation and that i used to be living by myself, I might by and large get ample meals right from the on the spot area however i am in imperative Ontario, it is now not far, a long way north desolate tract and it’s not south wherethere’s quite a few crops to consume as good so I do have got to get out past what i will walk,in particular in the iciness right here to be able to harvest fishing sport, so there may be another further fee.It is the capital costof shopping a snow computer in this case and then thecost of protection and fuel and the ability to get that gasoline. So that you must be, once more,provisioning ends up being a fundamental price and a majorconsideration for area, where you decide upon to be. In anyone like Dick Proenneke’s case, he ended up having someone who might fly hisprovisions in a week. Usually relatively more commonly, sometimes he’d have planes coming in every day or two or threefor exceptional motives but he used to be ready to capitalize on that.There’s only a few humans thatcan live without provisioning and depending to your place that can just mean thatif you had been in a extra inaccessible situation that youhave to create stock of all of the things you needfrom protection items to food to gas andmaybe you cannot get out or possibly you do not seeanybody for six months relying on where you are. You just ought to have aplan in place for that. When I first moved out of town, we moved to our firsthouse, my wife and i, in the country we were 40 minutes or so, 35 minutes kind the closest town and we just needed to get used to no longer leaving our vehiclesempty of gas, for example. When you are in town, you fillup and you do not ever have an virtually empty automobile within the driveway. While you go groceryshopping you buy adequate to final as a minimum per week and you continually haveenough other food on hand in the event you couldn’t get infor causes like snow, which we most often get snowed in up right here, that you have ample food onhand that it can be now not a gigantic deal.And a solution to cook dinner it. If you don’t have any electrical energy,then if you have a wooden stove, propane, a camp stoveor whatever like that, some procedure to prepare dinner yourfood and furnish some warmness if you have no electrical power. Final week there was once, Ithink, no electricity right here for I think three days ina lot of locations, I heard. Primarily within the village almost here, I feel they had been outfor two or three days and you have got to be preparedfor that at all times. I feel this can be oneof the greater questions or more typical questions I get. The most important situation thata lot of folks have is utilising the outhouse. Wherever from peopleasking why I didn’t put rest room services within the cabin to why did not I at the least attachit to the part of the cabin or put it closer and of path the essential purpose for that’s smell.I don’t want to have theouthouse, the lavatory, that isn’t flushable. You do not flush your waste away right here. I don’t want that in my living quarters. So this distance, what are we 15 yards, possibly 50 feed i’d say from the cabin is this outhouse and that i dug a gap about 4 ft deep and developed this outhouse over high of it. Now i have not located thisto be an difficulty in any respect and sincerely neither hasmy wife, utilizing an outhouse. When you are inside the cabin, you put a warm coat on anda hat at the moment of 12 months, and also you walk out and do your online business and you return within the cabin and you respect theheat that much more. I have not located it too cold. In the summertime, there doesn’tseem to be any insects that come in here. I used to be worried about the areas, like a big air flow windowI have above the door right here and i have never put battenson the inside yet.So there may be tons of air gaps. Bugs do not go in there. You are now not in there longenough to draw them and it is ventilated well ample that the scent would not accumulate. Now the other thing we dofor controlling the scent is in the facet compartment here. That is the place all of the ashfrom the wooden stove goes, the charcoal and the sawdust,particularly cedar sawdust. These two bins oneither part of the throne are stuffed with sawdust, so whenyou’re done your corporation, you scoop a few of that sawdust or ash or mixture of the 2, you dump it down there andthere’s no odor in right here. Actually, it’s sincerely a great odor, which is the primary outhouse i will be able to say that i’m no longer offended via. So not dangerous at all, like I said, even my spouse doesn’thave a challenge with this, summer or wintry weather. With privacy now not being an trouble too, the door stays open as a rule when it can be being used and it’snot a foul view of the cabin.So as far as the sauna isconcerned, the bathhouse, that’s immediately in the back of me right here. It can be handiest about 20 feetfrom the outhouse here, so might be 70 ft from the cabin. So that is not an extended distance and should you’ve used atraditional sauna outside, like in a separate constructing like this, then you recognize that youget so sizzling in those matters that popping out to the coldis surely clean. Correctly, that is most commonly what you do. You jump within the sauna for 20minutes, 10 to twenty minutes, come out, roll in thesnow or stand in the snow or leap in a lake even, after which go back in thesauna to warm up once more and just do this cycle. It is definitely very healthful for you, it can be a heart strengthener, and there’s other advantages as good, but that is the approach of hygienethat we’ll be making use of right here. The bathhouse will have a bathe. There’s a hot tank on theback of the wood range throughout the sauna for scooping water out of or pumping it by means of a shower head.And then there will be a littlechange room in there as well and it’s significant enough thatI would give you every other rationale. After which it would also havea sink for brushing teeth and shaving and stuff, sofully practical bathhouse. They are separate. Some persons would believe it is inconvenient to head from the cabin to theouthouse to the bathhouse or straight to the bathhouseif you are simply having a sauna or shower, but again,just what you are used to. While you get used to this,it is no longer inconvenient in any respect and it is surely somethingabout residing like this that I to find, I just find it irresistible. I feel dwelling a moresimple, rustic way of life is, you’re simply more in tunewith everything i suppose. The temperature issues,the season issues, the bugs topic, allof these matters subject and you pay extra attention to them.So your intellect is working andyou’re being extra progressive and i suppose extra in tune with yourself and in tune with nature andI feel that is a good factor. Now the out of doors kitchen,there’s the cabin, there is the outside kitchen,there may be the timber pile. So once more, the out of doors kitchen is possibly 15, 20 feet from the cabin. Not inconvenient at all. I desired the cabin tobe seen on its own without having to appear at peculiarly in photo or film and get each of these in the equal factor. So I offset the kitchen some distance sufficient away and off to 1 part so I couldstill see the cabin naturally on its possess and it can be close enoughthat any fireplace hazard there may be not really to end up ahazard to the cabin itself, to the most important cabin.So in there I’ve gotthe oven and the grill and the little rocket stove, of direction. So that is summer cooking, notusing it this time of yr except for grilling the strange factor. Firewood pile woodshed over right here is there for a cause. Persons ask me why I putit up to now from the cabin. Well to begin with, Idon’t get any firewood from this direction at the back of the cabin, considering that it drops into avalley there, it is delicate timber. It is creek, it is buggier in the summertime after which it is Crown land,public land past that so i do not surely, I hunt over there, however i don’t get firewood from over there. All my firewood comes from this path. That is the place the majorityof the property is, the place all of the rough wooden is. Down the driveway and out to the street, after I deliver in firewood from there, once more all in that direction.So I ought to go this woodshed each time I convey firewoodin, I cut firewood. So it can be not like i’m passing the cabin to put my firewood further away and then have to deliver it again again. So that’s number one, for effectivity. Second thing is that it creates a mess, splitting firewood and slicing firewood, so i need the mess furtheraway from the cabin gathering there, and alsothere’s a fire pit right there so i will burn scraps andwood chips and all that stuff and take a seat round a campfire overthere away from the cabin. Again, no fire hazard tothe cabin or the kitchen and it’s type of just a littleget collectively spot to simply experience a campfire away fromthe important cabin a bit bit.All the wooden, like I mentioned,ends up getting break up, cut, stacked over there,kindling I cut up, any woodworking projectsthat’s making a number of sawdust and wooden chips and stuff, Ido all of that over there. So the woodshed price meabout $80 for all the wood on top of that and forthe roofing tar paper. And i’ll put one other layer ofwood on that in the spring. The posts have been all justcut from the property or cut from my friend’sproperty, so no price for those and it holds about a bushcord and a half of firewood. Or about two bush cordsI guess of firewood so i am beginning to takeenough out of there, I have to begin replenishing it, so i’m going to go and carry somemore up in the following few days. But that is really essentialto have a covered field in your firewood. You could bring it in if itgets moist like I did last 12 months, or just tarp it overas well to lower charges or for those who would not have timeto construct a shed like I did and preserve it below tarpand then carry it in at the least a day beforeyou’re going to make use of it so it could actually dry inside the cabin.The outside kitchen here, Ithink it used to be extra of a luxurious what i stopped up doing. First of all, I particularly wanted an oven as a rule for cooking bread alternatively than pizza so baking sourdough breadand then large joints of meat like a turkey, i’m probablygoing to cook a turkey in there before Christmas within the subsequent week or two. And exceptional to have, when youdo an oven out of earth, out of mud, you ought to keep it dry or else it can be just mud, itjust washes away ultimately, so I needed to quilt that with a roof. I included it with thatroof, developed this pavilion and constructed it gigantic enough thatI might put the barbecue under there and it’shigh enough that sparks weren’t gonna capture the roof on fireplace and all the countertops grew to be beautiful significant.Acquired wine barrels for collecting water and all that stuff. So the price of that endedup getting particularly high and that i failed to intellect that justbecause it is so realistic. It’s clearly a pavilion thatI can do different stuff below to preserve me dry and alsoof path the cooking. So the price there was cementand the cedar shingles which was a few hundred bucks, which i might’ve startedmaking them on my own but it was just too muchwork and time, frequently time, to make these all by using hand. So once more, quite a few thesethings aren’t necessary with a view to begin, so it’sthings that you’d add over time should you believe inclined or when you have enough money to try this, now not essential to have them. So i don’t keep in mind thisoutdoor kitchen a rate in setting up a wildernessretreat that’s major.I’d name the outhousepretty a lot an main despite the fact that once I first builtit it used to be just a thunder box, it used to be uncovered, whichwas subsequent to nothing and which you can simply build that out of pieces of wooden if you wish to have. Dig a gap in the ground and away you go, however for slightly bit more relief i would say the cabin and the outhouse are your foremost structures. So that’s basically it, that’sthe tour of the property, tour of the cabin, the littlehomestead discipline here as a minimum and the cost, so like I said, about $6,000 for someone to build this cabin precisely, purchasing all the materials. Not up to $2,000 if youcan cut the entire timber from the property orsomebody else’s property. Ongoing expenditures are going to be food, which is only a givenno subject the place you are. You’ll be able to be competent to reduceyour food bills noticeably and man, you get it right down to, you would not spend morethan just a few dollars a day if you happen to do it proper bybuying matters like rice and potatoes and veggies in bulk or growing as so much ofthose things as you can.Purchasing grain in bulk, thatstores well, like entire grain, whole wheat kernels forexample, wheat berries, that you simply grind as you use itfor flour so it doesn’t go dangerous. Which you can buy significant quantitiesof that for subsequent to nothing. So if that you can get your meals fees right down to shall we embrace $3 a day per personby harvesting fishing recreation, growing as a lot as that you could, so i do not wish to becomea full time gardener again.I’ve achieved that in thepast and that i observed that it consumes all of my timeand then I do not need time for different things that I wish to do like exploring, hunting, fishing and simply getting wild foods. If I spend an excessive amount of timemaintaining a backyard, vegetable gardens and raising chickens and everything likethat, I simply can’t go away and do what I need to do. I can’t go on lengthy canoeingtrips or fishing trips or hunting trips or snow shoeing journeys or touring my loved ones or something.I do know tons of individuals that have accomplished that type of homesteadand are nonetheless doing it. I’ve accomplished it within the pastand I’ve located that for me, it just wasn’t for me. Sure, it saved money in some cases. In quite a lot of instances, it didn’t. I might hate to motivate orsuggest that you just are not able to reside entirely self-sufficiently andtherefore use the system and pay folks who are specializedto furnish matters for you love meals but the realityis I’ve grown grain on a rented farm, a farm that we rented, leased without spending a dime almost,eight acres that I planted buckwheat and wheat and ryeand a pair different things, I disregard what else, barley,and it’s quite a lot of work and also you must stick to it. You need to do predatorcontrol and pest manage and weeding, all of that stuff. I’ve raised chickens at thesame time and red meat and pigs and it’s a full time job and it must be.You should be keen about that if that’s what you want to do. If you want to believe that self-ample that you’ve got offered all your possess meals, it is very lucrative but it surely’s plenty of work and in most cases it is a bit of a jail cell in that you simply cannot getout and do something else and again, should you like doing that, if that’s what you are passionate about and you’re keen on spending time,and i do to a targeted degree, however I just do not consider that for me being tied down to a farm isthe correct subculture for me.And excellent for you if you happen to do that, i’m sure you find it irresistible and i’msure it is very gratifying and you’ve got a meaningfullife, it simply isn’t for me. So here at the property,I quite often won’t get too intensive with my gardening. I really like the permaculturephilosophy and woodland gardening and with the intention to be whatI’ll be doing typically here. Planting stuff in the course of the woodland, matters that are not invasive. No longer native and invasive,that still have a location in the plant life and faunathat’s already right here, so i will be in charge but that’s the plan to motivate the thingsthat already grow here, the mushrooms, the berries, the cattails and all of the tees and otherfunguses and stuff like that. Tons of that sort of stuff, but there’s plenty of fish and recreation, so i’m not going to elevate chickens right here after I would shoot waterfowl and crows.And i’m now not going to elevate pork when i will be able to harvest deer and moose. I assume that’s the bottom line and that’s my method of retaining my cost down and enables me to center of attention on the things that i’m more passionateabout and extra interested by and likewise to decrease the costbecause i am better at that than i’m at farming. And there shall be other costslike transportation charges of going to city to provision food and other presents, uploadingvideos, amassing mail, stuff like that. My face is commencing to freeze somewhat. It’s bloodless out right here with this wind chill. What else? Meals price because I’mbuying stuff, of path. I am now not achieved building, so i will have additionalconstruction bills this 12 months. And that’s the bulk. Have some insurancecosts on the computing device now. There isn’t a insurance on this location. My property taxes areless than $300 per yr. Due to the fact that it is an unorganized township there’s no hydro fee, i’ve solar, I don’t have any water expenses,I have no sewage charges, so i am trying to thinkif there is whatever else.I’ll spend thisyear coming up, 2019, accounting for everything. So i’m going to be tracking myfood bills per week. I’m going to be tracking my transportation expenditures. I’ll be tracking my fuelcosts for the chainsaw and snow desktop. License prices for searching and fishing. The cost of equipmentfor that variety of thing, for outside activity. Any timber bills if i have any. What else? Candles and stuff like that,gas i guess for the lanterns and things like that. I’m going to account for the whole lot in 2019 and continue to sharethat with you more often than not after which do a summary videoat the top of the year so you get a control on or a feel for what it truly bills todo this form of factor. I consider what I’ve supplied in this video or what I’ve summarizedhas been precious for me. I am hoping it can be been beneficial for you as well. It’s been something I’vebeen eager about simply for relatively a even as, is whatthis sincerely rate me, and what it is going to proceed to cost me and what it could’vecost me if i’d have been more trained, efficientor much less concerned about genuinely documentingthe entire system.So i am hoping you observed itinteresting as well. When you’ve got any questions,please, please remark below. I suppose that is going to be possibly an exciting conversationfor all people to have. I would like to listen to your strategies for lowering charges extra or what you suppose you wouldlike to see delivered here and what the price of that might be, what men and women bear in mind a bareminimum for common of residing and whether or not this is anattractive culture to you or anything that you simply’dlike to check out at least. For me, I think it’s somethingthat can be mighty if every person might do that for a 12 months. Of direction, we couldn’thave every person are attempting it, there may be no longer adequate assets, but in case you have an possibility to both reside somewherewhere it’s much like this that anyone else has already developed and all of the infrastructure is in situation, there is no additionalresources being consumed to live with no trouble for a yearand see how you love that, how beneficial it is, but in addition to put the relaxation ofyou existence into viewpoint. I inform ya, once I go into townand flip on a light change or have a shower or something like that, there is an appreciation for that but additionally an appreciationfor what that price is for society to furnish thatand the number of humans it takes to keep these methods.I do admire, but it makesme respect this even more. I believe it’s a greatexperiment for all people to endure or try out atsome time in their lifestyles after which observe the principlesof this simpler way of life to the today’s culture. Provide you with a betterappreciation for frugality and for water, electricity, food, and what luxuries will not be as moneymaking because the precise fee of them are. So fascinating to me and i’mhaving a nice time doing this and i am studying a lot andI plan to gain knowledge of much more, or hope I gain knowledge of rather a lot additionally the following few years and that if this continues,if i’m ready to proceed and develop this subculture even more and make it a hundred% of my lifestyles with my family then that would be potent and if not, then whathave I discovered from it? Good I was once able to do it.So I recognize you guys following along. I’m hoping you’re learning somethingfrom the channel as i am for what i am doing right here and you’re prompted to go outand do some thing exciting each and daily of yourlife, in spite of what it is, in order that while you seem backand you consider your existence that you have no regrets. So thanks for watching this again, I particularly recognize it and i look forward to seeing you up at the cabin next time.Take care. (ominous track) (water flowing) (footsteps jogging) (chicken chirping).